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EXCLUSIVE: Will Online marriages be the new normal in post COVID-19 India?

Weddings have been a huge part of Indian culture. Celebrated like a festival, an Indian wedding is a huge contributor to the Indian economy and provides employment to millions of people. According to a report by KPMG in 2017, the Indian wedding industry was estimated to be around $40–50 billion in size. It is the second largest wedding market after USA which is at $70 Billion. With the entire country under a lockdown and social distancing likely to be practised even when it is over, the industry is bound to take a hit. “From whatever we are hearing these days, there could be large scale unemployment. There is a huge segment of people who depend on the wedding season in India. They usually complete six months of earning in this period and are heavily dependent it. Since some of them also fall in the unorganised sector, there could be a massive impact on their income or daily wages,” Adhish Zaveri, Director – Marketing, Shaadi.com told Zee Business Online in an exclusive interview.

Source : https://www.zeebiz.com/technology/news-exclusive-will-online-marriages-be-the-new-normal-in-post-covid-19-india-125484